Douglas Christie


Obituary – Published in the Times Colonist, March 2013

CHRISTIE, Douglas Hewson

Born, Winnipeg, April 24, 1946, died of metastatic liver cancer, Victoria, March 11, 2013.

Predeceased by his mother Norma in 2008. Survived by wife Keltie Zubko, son Cadeyrn, daughter Kalonica, sisters Jane Christie and Myna Cryderman, brother Neil, father Douglas, and the extended Zubko family… [continued]

Eulogy – Delivered by Cadeyrn Christie, March 15, 2013

Men like my dad weren’t made to die in a hospital. Such men are really made to die on a battlefield, with a sword in one hand, and a shield in the other. Fighting for what they believe.

We don’t have battlefields like that anymore, and so men like my father find other arenas, in which they can fight for what they believe. For my father, that arena was the courtroom… [continued]

Leanne Jones – Interview of Doug – August 20, 1985

“Please forward the death threats,” were the first words heard in Doug Christie’s little office just as I entered it.

The office, a reconverted parking lot attendant’s booth sitting in the shadow of the large Victoria courthouse, seemed symbolic in itself… [continued]


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