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An Uneasy Peace:

At 56, controversial lawyer Douglas Christie now worries for his children

Times Colonist (Victoria) Sunday, March 3, 2002 Monitor D1 / FRONT
Jody Paterson

They’re dying off, the men who Douglas Christie loved the most. His heroes are dead men and the list is growing every day. It hasn’t been easy being the lawyer to the stars of Canada’s white-supremacist movement these last two decades, but at least there used to be a few more people who he looked up to, some friends who didn’t think he was such a bad guy… [continued]

War of the Words

Published in Canadian Lawyer Magazine | By Lisa Gregoire | Publication Date: March 2009

“Without knowing the force of words,” Confucius said, “it is impossible to know men.” He was right of course. It seems he always is. Words start fights and stir yearning hearts to acts of bravery and bloodshed. We use words to debase others and exalt ourselves. We pray with words. We shout, organize, slander, teach, threaten, understand, share ideas in Internet chat rooms, and boast in blogs. Words of our lovers, mothers, and enemies roll around in our heads when we can’t sleep making us mad with jealousy, regret, revenge… [continued]



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