Douglas Christie

Poetry – “The Judge”

“The Judge”
By Douglas Christie
December 8, 2007

From his spot on the earth, assured of his worth
Two feet above all the rest
He can force all to know, he’s in charge of the show
And is certainly brightest and best.
Then with mystical word of the law quite absurd
He can bend them and force them to say
what they never had thought was a goal that they sought
But he tells them is justice today.
And the sad men and boys that he plays with like toys
Will submit at the end of the day
for he so has defined all the law they can find
that they only can beg him and pray.
For his mercy so sweet from his high judgment seat
Which he might or might not give today
For he never is wrong with his voice loud and strong.
He will tell you if not, to appeal
his words to despise your discredited lies
which he knows his superiors feel.
So appeal if you might, he will still be found right
And your money will soon be all gone.
You’re a fool if you try for the price is too high
As the door of the jail will be strong.

But each judge in the night cannot cover his fright
When the whisper of conscience is real.
The judgment he gave that created a slave
Is the one that he one day will feel.


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