Douglas Christie

The Case for Western Separatism

We can no longer fight the symptoms — we must attack the cause!

By Douglas Christie

I want you to get serious and quit lying to yourself about what the country is today. I want you to be honest and admit it will never change as long as Canada will stay in one piece and Ottawa and the Supreme Court are the legislative and judicial heads. I want you to confront what Canada really is.

I want you then, to resolve to do something about it. I want you to save us, our land, our culture, and our future. I want you to resolve to separate and build a new nation of Western Canada.

What is the country today? For over 30 years we have had a Quebec prime minister. For 70 of the last 100 years, we have had a Liberal government, elected in Quebec and Ontario, with little or no support and very seldom a majority in Western Canada. We have a disastrous bilingual policy which promotes Quebec citizens as Francophones everywhere in the civil service. The Canadian Wheat Board forces farmers to sell their wheat at below world price and pay for the cost of delivery through an inefficient transportation system and then face the world price of oil, seed and fertilizer.

The federal government controls and registers guns, health care, and education though this is property and civil rights in a province. The federal government taxes and controls exports though 80% of foreign exports come from the west.

The federal government is elected with 105 seats from Ontario alone, 75 from Quebec alone, while British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have a combined total of 88. We can never match Ontario and Quebec power in this system.

Regarding firearms, the planners in Ottawa obviously intend progressively and slowly to confiscate them all. The upper echelon apparently have plans of a new world order where our police force will be some foreign horde sent here to keep us in line while they tax us to pay our soldiers, sailors and airmen to be United Nations soldiers on some foreign soil where they will be used to enforce the orders of the UN elite on some other hapless population. They wouldn””t want us with guns, would they? We might resist this scheme. They wouldn””t want local troops to have to enforce their edicts, either: locals don””t fire on locals. A different race might be more inclined to do so. Then, they could brand resistors as racist because they resisted, maybe even hated their alien oppressors. The UN plan of a new world order, one world government, and one world religion, multicultural nation, requires that Europeans be disarmed. The third world is already largely disarmed. Europe and the Soviet Union are quite compliant. Only North America poses a problem.

Regarding fiscal and monetary reform, Ottawa appoints the Supreme Court. The constitution gives financial control to Ottawa. The Supreme Court, from the time of Aberhart in the 1930s to the present, has always ruled in favour of Ottawa””s power over banks, banking, and all major financial matters, to keep power on Bay Street where it belongs in Canada. Social Credit will never be allowed as long as we remain in Canada with the Bay Street bankers in control of it.

The Central Canadian government through the CRTC controls all electronic media. The newspapers are all owned or controlled in Central Canada. The immigration policy is tantamount to planned and deliberate European genocide and no one dares object. In 20 years Europeans will be a minority in Canada. Ghettoes of alien culture with indigenous languages other than English or French are being developed and encouraged.

Supreme Court decisions like Sparrow, Marshall and others are creating special rights to hunt fish, control land, create laws, and escape the Charter, based on a racial status of being an Indian, or Native, and nobody is allowed to call it racism. The Supreme Court is making Christian teaching illegal as it makes discrimination against homosexuality illegal as in Vriend and other decisions. The Supreme court is making speech unfree and criticism of multiculturalism illegal all in the name of tolerance in decisions like Keegstra, Taylor, Ross, McAleer and Zundel.

All along as our rights are being eroded, our land plundered, our resources depleted, and our culture and morals destroyed, the so-called Reform Party says little or nothing, and is impotent anyway.
I want you to be honest and admit it will never change as long as Canada stays in one piece, and Ottawa and the Supreme Court remains as its judicial head. The Reform Party has been a waste of time and a useless flop. Ontario wouldn””t buy it even when it was totally fed up with the Mulroney Tories, the most unpopular Tories in recent history. Still, Ontario would rather vote for an Ontario Liberal than a Western whatever.

Now Reform stops being Reform, and becomes an alliance of Ontario Tories and Western Tories who just don””t want to call themselves Tories, and now it will be the right-wing Tory Party dominated from Ontario. So Preston Manning has reinvented the Progressive Conservative Party by uniting his Reform “Progressives” with the Ontario Conservatives and voila, we have the Progressive Conservatives of 1920 all over again! Wonderful!

The prospects of a Triple E Senate quietly take a small back seat on the bus bound for Ottawa, which will never get there. The whole spectacle of Paul Martin””s budget demonstrates that Ottawa steals 100, spends 60, borrows 10, gives back 30 and says, there doesn””t that show we are good managers, we have a surplus of 20.

This charade will only end when Western Canada, with all its wealth and power, and all its English-speaking European citizens, decides to leave before they are swamped in a sea of alien and ethnocentric immigration. And mark my words, the immigrants can be ethnocentric and intolerant, as Ujjal Dosanjh””s election in the NDP demonstrated.

Canada really is a tax-collecting patronage machine, masquerading as a country. Bribes, patronage, status, appointments, and a smug indifference to both passion and merit are the only things which hold it together. Get real! We have all it takes. We can do better. We can be free. We can be strong. We can be debt-free and prosperous. We can culturally survive. We can restore a sense of patriotic self-sacrifice and love of country, but never, never, never in Canada.

I want you to resolve to do something about it. I want you to dream of a new nation. I want you to visualize us governing ourselves with shared power from the highest to the lowest. I want you to believe in our language and culture, values, energy, and work ethic. I want you to see the power in yourself, lift up your heart, dream, and move out to do battle for the minds of men and women. I want you to be awake to the possibilities within us. I want you to be true.

All people die. Only a few at this time in history ever really live. I want future generations to look back on what we have done. Not to ask “What?” Not to ask “Why?” Not to ask “How?” But to say with gratitude, “Thank God they dared and did build a great free nation!”

I want you to resolve to separate and build a new nation. I want you to commit your heart, your mind, your time, your wealth, your creative genius, your indomitable courage, your brilliant imagination, to one glorious achievement, a new nation which will proclaim to all the world: “We are alive!”

Yes, we are alive and this is our land. No one shall take it away from us. As long as there is blood in our veins and breath in our bodies we shall fight to make it free. We shall never surrender our dream to the smothered flame, the dead souls, the pompous hypocrites of Ottawa and all their works.

We shall be who we are. We shall be such men and women as shall be known to generations yet unborn as the great ones who set them free. We are the ones who created the best expression of democracy yet known, using modern means of communication to empower all the people through Referenda, Initiative and Recall. We are the ones who saved the land from alien plunder and degradation. We are the ones who created one status for all citizens. We are the ones who stopped sending our leaders to Ottawa on their knees to beg for favours, but kept them home here to give leadership to our own people who deserved them.

Tell the people about this hope. Tell your neighbours. Tell your friends. Be the messenger of this new vision. For want of vision the people perish. Let us not perish as a people.

As in every struggle we could fight or we could run. But, if we run, we will die someday alone in a bed and in that movement we would give all our days from that day to this for one chance, just one chance to come back here and tell those Ottawa tax collectors, regulators, bureaucrats, and bilingual double-talkers, that they can take our land and wealth no more.

They have taken our time, our money, and our best men and women. They have taken our resources, our labour, our dreams, but they can take them no more, and they can never take our freedom!

If you will dare to dream, to work, to fight with me for our New Nation, then stand up and say so now.
I say: freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom. Free the West!


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